Climb with Courage

Build your mental, technical, and physical game.


Climb your best by aligning your attention with your intention.


Our retreats will change your life 

Our retreats take place in world class climbing destinations around the globe.  This type of rare earth is the perfect place to practice techniques that bring focus, strength, and fulfillment to our climbing, and the rest of our lives.  



Learn to maximize your potential

       We provide athletes with the tools they need to get stronger both physically and mentally.  We understand peak performance requires more than strong fingers.  Our integrated mind-body training approach lays the foundation for reaching your ultimate potential.  We will work to improve the entirety of your climbing repertoire with skill acquisition and development drills, physical strength and conditioning, techniques to manage fear and anxiety, and much more.                                                                                                                             

What are people saying about MindBodyClimb?


Nik Goile from Whales writes  "....Zach's amazing knowledge of training and sport physiology helped me rebuild my strength and confidence through a tailored training plan that I could easily follow even though we live on opposite sides of the world from each other. Through regular video chats and recordings, Zach was able to adjust my training to ensure the safest and most effective progression."

John Swanson M.D writes "The MindBodyClimb Retreat in Indian Creek changed my life period". 

Big wall free climber Sean Haverstock writes "Through honest conversation and expert evaluation, Coach Zippy identified many areas for improvement in my climbing. With an evolving program that addresses my weaknesses and accounts for my goals, I've accomplished many of the short term goals I laid out--and were on the path to crush my long term projects. Now I'm climbing harder and more than ever, but most importantly, I'm also injury free. Together we've laid the foundation for a long and healthy road in climbing."

Chip Bejc from South Lake Tahoe writes "The first time I climbed with Zach, back in his beginning days of climbing, I wasn’t sure if I should be impressed or afraid for his life.  He climbed with a child-like fascination (which impressed me) and a seemingly lack of fear of falling (which scared me).  Well it’s now 10 years later, and I’m finding that “impressed” would have been the correct choice.

After not seeing Zach for a couple of years while he was on an extended climbing road trip, I ran into him at the local pizza place.  Beaming, he exclaimed to me that he had just freed El Cap.  I was ecstatic for him, and at the same time in disbelief that someone could go from being a 5.9 climber to freeing El Cap in a few short years.  “I want what you got,” I told him.

A few months later, after an eye-opening meditation retreat, Zach decided that he wanted to be a coach, or rather, that he was a coach and always had been.  I believe that that was an accurate self-assessment.  I immediately told him that I wanted him to coach me.  After being a climber myself for the past 38 years, I knew that there was something that I lacked, and I knew that Zach had it and could teach me what it was.

Zach’s highly energetic personality, his zest for living a full life, his non-stop desire to learn new things, and his joy at seeing others succeed at living out their own dreams is what makes Zach a perfect coach.

Not only does he practice and preach the physical side of climbing and living, but he also delves into the esoteric side of life and sports by studying and teaching the mental and spiritual aspectsof pursuing a continual present momentexperience of one’s life. 

Since I’ve been working with Zach, I’m finding that I am climbing in a much more relaxed and freer head space than ever before.  He has been a very positive and enlightening addition to my climbing training, and I always look forward to the training and climbing that we do together."