Remote Coaching Plans 

$70 per month

  • Athlete Assessment
  • Climbing Training Program
  • Strength and Conditioning Program
  • Monthly video Analysis 

We evaluate your assessment, factor in you goals and put together a personalized training program that fits your lifestyle. 

Full Time Coaching Program

 $195 per month

  • Two sessions of One on One Coaching per month
  • One on One Athlete Assessment
  • Strength and Conditioning Program
  • Climbing Training Program
  • Mental Training 
  • Weekly video analysis
  • Performance Enhancing Breathing Techniques 
  • Full time phone, text, and email support

The MindBodyClimb Method is a balance of working Out, working In, and working On.  

Your custom built programs use a comprehensive approach to improve your climbing.  By doing the work, you will get stronger both physically and mentally.  Our aim is for you to live your dreams while having more fun. 

  • Working Out-   Your custom program will combine climbing specific training with a strength and conditioning program.  Whether you have access to a new age climbing gym or a hangboard and some kettlebells, we tailor every workout to fit your needs.
  • Working In-  You will learn powerful breathing methods that increase energy, decrease stress, and simultaneously elevate mood.  The breathing techniques provide a tangible and insightful channel of working in.  
  • Working On-  Our method is to use climbing as a vehicle for personal development.  We respect and honor that climbing is a difficult and dynamic sport.  We understand that climbers must remain highly skilled and focused, while managing fear and anxiety presented before and during a climb.  We provide tools to help athletes develop mental fitness, emotional strength, and present moment awareness.  

As your coach I am committed to enhancing your athletic ability and personal growth. I will provide support on a bi-weekly via phone or skype.  Together we will build the road to accomplishing your goals.   

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