Discover how to have more fun, increase your confidence, and climb a grade harder with proffesional coaching.

Join us for a week of climbing and personal development in one of Spain's most beautiful villages.  

November 4th-11th

The Retreat Includes

  • 7 nights in the Abella de La Conca Eco-Refugio
  • Transportation on arrival and departure day from the Barcelona airport (BCN)
  • 3 vegetarian meals daily 
  • Daily climbing, coaching, and instruction
  • Wim Hof Method breathing practice 
  • Local wine tasting 
  • Transportation to surrounding area crags
  • And much more!

Best suited for Five Ten climbers and beyond

Discover Spain through its climbing, food, and nature. Check out this video of Abella

       7 Days of professional climbing coaching with video analysis focusing on:

  • Mental Fitness
  • Stress and Fear Management         
  • Technical Skill Improvement
  • Movement Acuity
  • Breathing Methods
  • Climbing Tactics 
  • Physical Mobility


Spain Retreat Packages

  • Private room double occupancy- $1950 

  • Private room single occupancy- $2450

  • Dorm style accommodations- $1650                   Sign Up Now

Early Bird sign up before August 1st and receive a 10% discount on all packages. 

We use climbing as a vehicle for personal development

 The MindBodyClimb Method is an integrated approach to improvement.  We offer tools and tactics that address fear and anxiety as well as movement and technique.  We also use communication to cultivate an environment where we can safely try our best.  During and after the retreat you will be climbing with more courage and fortitude than you ever have before.  You will better understand and be able to feel quality movement on rock.  When you are climbing confidently and with increased movement awareness; climbing becomes more fun, and more fun leads to climbing harder.    

A day in the life with MindBodyClimb: 

We will start our day with fruit, coffee, and tea before we unearth the potential of the Wim Hof Breathing Method. This powerful breathing method will boost our vitality, expand our focus, and build our inner strength. Further, it will enhance our understanding of the capabilities we all have within. The techniques we explore in our morning workshop using breath and focus, will be part of the foundational tools we use to have more fun on the rock.  Next, enjoy a fulfilling vegetarian breakfast before we pack our bags and explore some of the best climbing Spain has to offer.  We will split the week of climbing between the incredible limestone cliffs that surround Abella Refugio and traveling to famous nearby crags like Terradets and Oliana.  

We use three distinct and highly effective ways to access your unique and often hidden climbing abilities.  First, you will learn powerful tools to increase your mental fitness and emotional strength while climbing.  Second, we will create an environment where you can align your attention with your intentions. Through quality communication with yourself, as well as your partner, you will verbalize the experience you want to have on the climb. Lastly, feedback will be used in our approach to climbing better and having more fun doing it. You will have the opportunity to work one on one with professional climbing coaches and local guides who will help elevate every part of your climbing repertoire.  You will get feedback on movement and technique, advice on route selection and tactics, and much more!  We will be using video analysis at the crag to aid in our ability to give you effective feedback.  By incorporating coaching assessment, video analysis, and self observation we are offering the best resources possible for improvement. You will be surrounded with the support it takes to climb at your best.  

Our evenings will be all about recovery and rejuvenation through mobility work, good food, and hot sauna.  After a lively day of climbing world class rock, we will decompress with a mobility session on the beautiful yoga platform at Abella de La Conca Eco-Refugio.  We will address general climber mobility issues, as well as answer to individual needs.  The vegetarian dinners served at Abella will be joined with local wine from the Catalunya region.  The Refugio's ground floor has a fire stoked sauna where we will rejuvenate our well worked bodies.  The natural spring water that emerges feet from the front door will ensure we stay well hydrated, as well as provide the steam for the sauna that will recuperate our muscles. 


Retreat Learning Objectives

  • Learn and demonstrate how to climb relaxed, focused, and with confidence using mental management tools
  • Learn and demonstrate how to align your attention with your intention through preparation
  • Learn and demonstrate how to guide your climbing experience through communication 



About the head coach:

I'm Zach Fletcher, the head coach of MindBodyClimb.  My number one goal is the cultivation of your true talent and potential as a climber.  I have spent the last ten years dedicated to climbing, coaching and learning the nuances of optimizing climbing potential.  Climbing is mentally, physically and technically challenging. In my decade of climbing I've experienced, as well as witnessed, that fear and anxiety are the biggest obstacles to climbing performance.  Often times, even for the strong and skilled among us, the mental hurdles in climbing can be the most limiting and frustrating. And in this mental arena lies some of the greatest rewards in our sport the opportunity to make the largest and ever lasting improvements to our climbing.  When you climb with more confidence, less anxiety, and have more fun along the way, you can accomplish any personal climbing goal.  So I set out to discover and develop the best mental and physical tools to allow us to break through the barriers of fear and anxiety.  Ten years later I'm confident the MindBodyClimb coaching method leads to better performance and more fun. I can't wait to share it with you.  For more information please check out the About Page

The Mont-Rebei Gorge is only a 40 mile drive from Abella de la conca and is one of spains most breath taking hikes. 

The Mont-Rebei Gorge is only a 40 mile drive from Abella de la conca and is one of spains most breath taking hikes. 

Climbing at the famous Arches in Abella De La Conca, Spain.